POLL: Cruz proposes term limits again

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, for the second time in two years, has made term limits part of his ‘to do’ list. But this second try is likely to end with the same result his first attempt did.

Cruz, along with fellow Senators like Marco Rubio and Mike Lee, have made a proposal to amend the Constitution. If passed, Senators would get two, six-year terms while House members would get three, two-year terms. SMU political scientist Cal Jillson told KTRH he doesn't see any way this gets passed, and that Cruz knows it likely won't go anywhere either.

“This is a philosophy more than anything he expected to be passed,” Jillson said, adding that it’s just too hard to amend the Constitution.

For those of you wondering, two-thirds of the members of Congress have to approve the proposed amendment, with 75% of the states approving it as well. But there are many of you that want to see term limits, and Jillson says there's a sure fire way to impose them.

“The best term limits are elections. If you want to turn out your Congressman you can do that. Houston just did that this last cycle,” Jillson said, alluding to John Culberson’s loss to Lizzie Fletcher in November.

Ted Cruz

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