How To Start An Email According To Data Scientist

If you're looking to make sure you get a reply back from an email, consider using these greetings.

In 2017, a data scientist analyzed more than 300,000 archived public messages to figure out which received the most responses. 

Using "Hey" ranked first with a 64 percent response rate. At a 63.6 percent response rate was the word "Hello" and 62.7 percent was the greeting "Hi."

Now, if you feel the need to go a little more formal, you can, but the results weren't as favorable.

"Greetings" yielded a 57.2 response rate while "Dear" had a 56.5 percent chance of hearing back.

Do you tend to learn more casual or formal when emailing someone you don't know or hardly know? Do you mirror the other person's language after hearing back if you need to keep corresponding?

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