PHOTO: Texas City Man Reportedly Confesses To Killing His Three Kids

(Texas City, TX)  --  A 27-year-old man is under arrest for killing three children and shooting a woman in Texas City on Thursday.  

Police picked up 27-year-old Juniad Mehmood in Webster, a few hours after officers arrived at an apartment to find three dead children and a woman who had been shot in the head.  Police say the children are ages five, two, and a baby.  

After a few hours after making the shocking discovery, Mehmood was taken into custody late Thursday night by a restaurant in southeast Houston on El Dorado In Texas City.

Mehmood was reportedly distraught, incoherent, emotional, yelling too, as he sat in back of a patrol car awaiting transfer into Texas City police custody.

The woman is in stable condition at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.  Mehmood reportedly confessed to the crimes in a 911 call shortly before he was arrested.

Mehmood's motive or cause of death of the children is still under investigation.

Police also Tweeted about the scene:

Junaid Mehmood, (above).
Official Press Release from Texas City

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