Is the shutdown impacting Houston?

The mainstream media would have you think the partial government shutdown is literally the worst thing ever. But the numbers might tell you a different story.

For the moment, Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis only a small group of Houstonians are feeling the brunt of this.

“The main impact you’re seeing happen in this area is with those who work in federal government offices,” Lewis explained. Some people haven’t gotten a paycheck.

In fact new numbers from WalletHub say Texas is 32nd in the entire country when it comes to the amount of federal jobs we have. Senator John Cornyn admitted to KTRH that even though we have a shutdown, it's not the best look for lawmakers.

“It’s incumbent upon us to show that we can actually govern, even with a divided government, and even with the polarization that exists. I think we have demonstrated we can do that,” Cornyn said.

But he also says it's not the doom and gloom that the mainstream media would have you think it is.

Partial Government Shutdown

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