Texas getting new residents from liberal states

It probably doesn’t surprise you that people are moving to Texas from liberal states. It does lead to a question. How does this impact state politics here?

Texas added 380,000 people last year according to the numbers. The new Texans are coming from states like New York and Illinois. U-H Political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus tells KTRH they want a climate they can identify with.

“You’ve got low taxes, low cost of living, and conservative politics, which people gravitate to,” Rottinghaus explained.

And for now, that means Republicans will hold on to the political power thy have had for decades.

“Texas will stay red for a little while longer, but there will be elections where Democrats will do very well,” Rottinghaus explained.

Rottinghaus says that in time though, the state could shift politically because the number of people moving to the state may not keep up with natural growth rate, or recruiting effort by Democrats.

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