New Congress seated today

Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives today, and are poised to put Nancy Pelosi back in power as Speaker. With the shift in power coms a shift in agenda.

That agenda will look like obstruction. Democrats have talked about all kinds of investigations of President Trump, and former Trump pollster John McLaughlin told Fox News the key for them is fighting the wall.

“The Democrats are running to the radical left. They want open borders,” McLaughlin said.

One of the new Texas Congressman is Dan Crenshaw, who takes over for the retired Ted Poe. Crenshaw says he agrees we need a wall.

“It’s not expensive. It’s .1% of our entire federal budget,” Crenshaw told Fox and Friends.

So why won't Democrats play ball?

“They really want to score points against the President by destroying a campaign promise,” Crenshaw stated.

Because they think that would give them an edge in 2020.

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