Mainstream Media Ignores Trump Accomplishments in 2018

Whether it was securing the release of Americans in foreign captivity, hiring the CIA's first female director or signing criminal justice reform --President Donald Trump added to his accomplishments in 2018 with little or no mention by the mainstream media.

Political consultant Bill Miller of Austin-based HillCo Partners, says for all of Trump's accomplishments in 2018, two stood out as the most important for American citizens.

“I think the number one thing he's done is restore the economy and created jobs, and kept us out of war,” says Miller.

“People have a lot more money, they've gotten a tax break, and I think the number one thing is people feel economically sound and safe, outside the threat of terrorist action which we live with every day 24/7.”

Trump's push to expand domestic energy helped Texas surpass some OPEC nations as one of the leading producers of crude oil.

The list goes on and on, but you likely never heard any of it watching network or cable news.

“They don't like him and it's reflected in their coverage,” says Miller. “He does do good things, but they're not going to give him credit for it.”

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