How much have rising interest rates cost you?

Wall Street has been very volatile over the last year with wild market swings in both directions. Investors got nervous, and one reason for that is the fact that the Federal Reserve kept raising interest rates last year.

That volatility cost Americans, as a whole, $4 trillion in wealth. So how much did the average American lose? Samuel Rines with Avalon Advisors told KTRH if you were more invested into bonds, you did better than those who had more exposure to stocks.

“Most people have two parts to their portfolio; stocks and bonds. While stocks were falling, bonds were rising,” Rines explained.

So what are the chances the Fed reverses these rate hikes?

“They will eventually reverse rate hikes, as it assumes that we will go into recession at some point, Rines stated.

But until they see one coming, the Fed will leave rates exactly where they are, and maybe even raise rates.

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