Expect an economic Slowdown in 2019

Wall Street has been on a rollercoaster for quite a while now and Bankrate.com's chief financial analyst says we can expect 2019 to be a wild ride, too.

Greg McBride says economic fundamentals are good but could turn ugly by the fourth quarter of this year.

"In 2018 we saw what was essentially gangbusters economic growth, the best we've seen at any point during this economic recovery, but I don't expect that to continue."

McBride says if you're in your 50s you should still play the long game with your 401(k).

"Money you've got in the Stock Market is money that you shouldn't need to tap for ten or twenty years; maintain that perspective."

McBride expects at least two more Fed rate hikes this year.

"The concerns and fears about an economic slowdown or recession now are very distant concerns; I think they may be more of a near-term issue the latter portion of 2019."

McBride says the explosive economic growth of 2018 won't last long into this year. But he says don't overreact to Wall Street's ups and downs.

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