Dems pessimistic about future

Democrats may control the House of Representatives, but they aren’t optimistic about the future.

A new Axios poll says 54% of Democrats think the economy is going to do poorly this year. Fifty-two percent also think President Trump is going to have a rough year in 2019. Jesse Kelly with sister station 950 KPRC says there's a reason why they feel like this.

“Whenever the other party is in power, you have to pretend like the world is ending,” Kelly said.

But the truth is, there are no metrics that would tell you the economy is about to struggle.

“I think this will be a great year. I don’t think the government shutdown is a bad thing for the markets,” Kelly stated.

Kelly is not alone. 65 percent of the people that responded to this poll think the economy is going to be good this year, and that three out of four are optimistic about things in 2019.

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