Watch out, Girl Scout cookie season is around the corner

For those who made New Year’s resolutions to shed a few pounds, one of the first big obstacles comes with Girl Scout Cookie Season. 

The Girl Scouts just added another gluten-free cookie.

Author of Keeping Weight Off Forever, psychotherapist, certified nutritionist and Director of The Center for Counseling Families, Dr. Susan Macey said be intentional of when and why you eat them.

"We're buying the Girl Scout cookies, and we know that they're going to taste good and we know that a couple of them are going to be anywhere from 100 to 200 calories," said Macey. "So often, people think of a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies is a serving, but if you want to be balanced about it, count them out."

She said a cookie, or two is ok. A sleeve or a box is not. In order that cookies don’t affect your waistline, know what's driving you to eat and know to develop better coping strategies.

Generally, Girl Scouts cookie season begins in this month and runs through April.

Girl Scout Cookies

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