Don't eat Dirt

Registered Dietician Kristi King says sometimes pregnant women with iron deficiencies get weird cravings, but you shouldn't eat dirt, as some have suggested. At least one study claims eating dirt is more effective than diet pills.

"There is no science behind this; we don't want to eat anything that is not food."

King says a Miami doctor's "Mojito Diet" sounds like more fun.

"The Mojito Diet definitely sounds very sexy, right? It has a good appeal. But the one thing I think he does get right is the fact that he says it is a balance and, mainly, healthy choices." 

King says dieticians don't ever suggest you drink alcohol. King says the only thing guaranteed to work is something Americans don't want to do -- eat less and exercise more.

"Moderation's key; what goes in we've got to burn off if we're looking to lose weight, so gotta make those changes to the food choices and the physical activity."

The "Mojito Diet," claims you can lose weight by drinking those rather than other alcohol choices.

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