Do Meaningful Work or Make More Money?

Lots of people are considering just how meaningful - or meaningless - their jobs are to them these days.  

Most American office workers want their jobs to be more meaningful - to themselves and to their businesses. According to the Wall Street Journal, they're so tired of what seems to be pointless work, 45 % of those asked said they would rather clean their toilet than figure out HR benefits!  Most of us would rather stand in line at the DMV than fix one more paper jam in the copier!  Career Coach Tracy Timm says, “Ask anybody who has a hard job, if you’re not passionate about what you do or that your job has a purpose --- it’s very difficult to make the long haul!” She says good employers help their staff find more purpose in their work - or the staff will find it elsewhere! 

“If your assumption as an employer is that someone should be happy to come to work to get paid, that’s not what the average American worker is looking for!” 

Has it been this way for a long time? Ms. Timm says it’s relatively recent.  Almost daily advances in workplace technology have helped our work lives and our personal lives merge together.  It has made many of us aware of just how meaningless our jobs really are! And that we want to do something with purpose.  That’s why employers are losing good employees every day.

meaningless work

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