Brides Prepare In January for June Weddings


June, August, September and October are the most popular months for weddings while January and February tie for the least popular.  That makes the beginning of the year the ideal time to start making plans for the nuptials ahead.

The Bridal Extravaganza is this weekend at the George R. Brown Center in Houston, the largest bridal show in the nation each year with the widest selection of vendors and the best place to pick up on the latest trends in weddings.

Royal weddings always have an influence on style, and the sleeved Givenchy gown of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, did not disappoint.  Laureate Meres, producer of the Bridal Extravaganza, expects 2019 brides to be impressed.  “We’re seeing a lot of covered arms, for the Princess of course.  But we’re still seeing a lot of strapless.  Strapless is still the most popular,” she says.

Colors are more muted.  “The bouquets aren’t as big and the colors aren’t as bright, so they blend together more for a beautiful palette,” she advises.

Personalization and unique self-expression will be highlighted.  Expect create seat assignments laid out in unusual ways. Party favors are personalized as an expression of the couple’s interests.

Lace is expected to figure prominently for many.

Edible artistry has stepped up food offerings a notch beyond traditional fare, though wedding cakes are holding on to their familiar stacked shape with extravagant embellishments.

 Metallic colors are popular in fabric choices, including for groomsmen, while Navy remains a popular choice for an accent color.

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