Looking for love in 2019? Priority: make & save money

Saving more money is one of the top three new year resolutions, which comes in handy if getting married is on your to-do list this year.

People are waiting longer to get married...until they're 30.

Houston Relationship Therapy’s Dr. Viviana Coles said love isn’t typically enough for a long-lasting, stable, secure healthy relationship, there has to be a sense of stability and security.

She said a lot of her pre-marital couples in counseling are getting older and older.

"They're not in that 'head over heels, love is going to conquer all sort of mindset'. They're in a, 'if we're want to do this and stay together for 50, 60, 70-plus years, we need to have all of our bases covered," said Coles.

She said the biggest issues she sees in her practice is financial stability.

She added that self-emotional maturity is important in a relationship.

"We are now really focusing on making sure that that's accompanied by a very feet on the ground, finances are really important, knowing where your career is going is very important," said Coles.

She says preparation on all levels is key to confident in going through with a marriage.

A recent survey released by Merrill Edge found some 56 percent of Americans want a partner who provides financial security more than “head over heels” love (44 percent).

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