Trumpnomics is working

In the 1980’s there was Reaganomics, and the country benefited from the way Ronald Reagan brought the economy back from where it was in the late 1970’s. Trumpnomics could continue to do that in 2019.

Economist Peter Morici says the Trump brand of economics has already worked. Tax cuts, deregulation, and being tough on China have helped us. And he doesn't see it slowing down.

“We should continue to see growth if the Fed doesn’t spoil the pudding,” Morici said to KTRH News.

Morici says the problem could be the Fed continuing to raise interest rates. The fact they did that four times this year, and the way the markets reacted, has the mainstream media talking constantly about a recession. Morici says that's exactly what the mainstream media wants.

“The liberal media is trying its very best to scare the economy into pessimism so the Trump economy will fail,” Morici explained.

Because, remember, there's an election in 2020 that the mainstream media wants the Democrats to win.

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