The Best and Worst TV of in 2018

TV Guide has its best and worst for TV in 2018 and a lot of it is online. In the old days TV meant just four major networks, but now you have to factor in Netflix, Hulu and other streamers.

Pop culture Professor Bob Thompson says a lot of those ten episode series wouldn't have made the cut when we were kids.

"A lot of the programming made now would, 20 or 30 years ago, have been made as a made for TV movie."

The best of 2018? Professor Thompson agrees with TV Guide -- if you're not watching FX's Atlanta, you're making a mistake.

"Atlanta, not only number one this year, I think has been the best new show to come out since its first season debuted."

Professor Thompson says his favorite TV moment of 2018 was Kanye West's wacky visit to the Oval Office.

"Kanye West in the Oval Office; I have watched that entire tape over and over and over again and that was one of the most peculiar little oddments I have ever seen on the television screen."

But Professor Thompson says the Kanye West spectacle also ranks as the worst TV moment of 2018. In other shows he likes he says AMC's Better Call Saul occasionally tops its predecessor Breaking Bad.

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