Six Vaccines --- One Shot

The FDA has approved a new vaccine that takes aim at SIX childhood diseases – all in one shot!  Parents (and their small children) like the idea of giving their child under the age of 5 one shot --- instead of suffering through six!  

However, some parents worry about the potency of each individual component.  Texas Children’s Hospital's and Baylor College of Medicine’s Pediatrician-Scientist Dr. Peter Hotez answers that worry, “The fact that the FDA has licensed this shows that extensive studies have shown that the properties of none of the vaccines has been affected by the combination.”

The Anti-vaccine groups will probably not be using it. Dr. Hotez of says these groups are strong and organized in our state. “Here in the state of Texas, we are probably looking at over 100,000 kids not getting their vaccines.” We asked Dr. Hotez why that is so important.  “The state is now highly vulnerable to an outbreak of highly contagious childhood infections.”

 Some say vaccines can cause autism, but Dr. Hotez disagrees. He, himself, has a child with autism. See his book, Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism.

six vaccines in one shot

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