Fireworks and Pets - Not a Good Mix

“If there is thunder, and often when there are fireworks, more than half of dogs exhibit some symptoms of anxiety – and some become terrified” says Experienced Animal Foster/Rescue advocate with Operation Pets Alive Barbara Welch. She says fireworks night can be dangerous.  “So many animals become lost at New Years and the Fourth of July because of the fireworks.”  In fact, the heaviest intake day for shelters is historically July 5th and January 2nd.  “love fireworks, but opt to stay home on nights they are being shot off to  try to calm the pooches.  One of ours is inconsolable.”

 A new invention out of Europe may come to the rescue of dog owner/lovers like her.  Engineers with European Ford (automobile) have made a prototype of a kennel that cancels out the fireworks noise using the same technology found in the Ford Edge.   Ms. Welch seems interested. “When are they going to be on sale? Where can I buy one? How much will they cost?!?”

In the meantime...she has some helpful hints for dog owners during fireworks time.

  • Take your pets out to “go potty” before the fireworks start.
  • Always bring your cats and dogs inside before the noise begins.
  • Make sure they are wearing an ID tag and are micro-chipped in case they scoot out the door. Once outside they could go over or under your fence. In terror they will not know where they are and can’t return. This is good for any time, actually.
  • Try to stay calm yourself – this will help them as well.
  • Some of them like to be wrapped up or have a pile of blankets to go under, so be prepared for that.
  • Play music.
  • Cover the windows.
  • Just provide them with a safe place to be.
dog afraid of fireworks

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