Texas lawmakers ready for 2019 session

Lawmakers in Texas are getting ready for the legislative session that begins next month. It is one where non-controversial issues might still become controversial ones for lawmakers.

Political consultant Bill Miller says there won't be the headline grabbing issues like the bathroom bill that failed last year. But that doesn't mean we will be completely controversy free.

“It’s always about money. If they tackle property taxes and school finance, it’s going to be about money in a big way. That becomes a big, big deal,” Miller explained.

A big, big deal that could lead to a special session. Another issue to look out for is the debate over Texas' marijuana laws. So will they change?

“Not, but we are getting closer to the point where they will. I think we will make progress, and I think the issue will be taken more seriously,” Miller said.

The session gets underway on January 8th, and there will be a new Speaker as Dennis Bonnen apparently has the votes to replace Joe Straus.

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