POLL: Making it a Dry January, and we don’t mean weather

Need a new year’s resolution?

How about the challenge of drying out in January?

In other words, don’t drink any booze all month long.

The Dry January campaign was started in 2013 in England and is gaining popularity in America, Australia and New Zealand.

What little research is out there on quitting alcohol for a month show that it has psychological and physical health benefits.

iHeartMedia’s host of M2 the Rock radio and recovery addiction expert Michael Molthan said you'll quickly look, feel and think better, as well as realize if there's a problem.

“On day 14 or day 13, are cravings there that are overwhelming that you may have to look at, going ‘Wait a minute. Why can’t I make it through 31 days? Do I really have a problem?’” said Molthan.

He said after a month, the body changes and you'll be craving sugar that you normally get from alcohol.

“Watch your diet. A lot of people who stop drinking for a period of time, they increase their food intake. They start eating ice cream more, they start eating candy more, then they start putting on weight and they’re like, ‘What’s going on with me?’” said Molthan.

He said your sleep will improve and you'll start to develop better habits.

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