It was a question posed by Bob Frantz as he filled in for Jimmy Barrett on Houston’s Morning News….and it got me to thinking…..why do we change the way we say words as we get older…or as I suggested professional in speaking. For instance, DE-fense or deFENSE….FI-nance or fiNANCE .

In Texas, we have a distinct habit of putting emphasis on the first syllable of many words. I found myself changing from a cheerleader’s call for DE-fense to the smoother broadcast style of deFENSE. Defense of the country. Defense Department.

OK… details, details…. You do DEtail a car…. But is it the DEtails of the deal or deTAILS of the deal?

For the umpteenth time in my career….let me say deTAILS still ahead.

Bob Frantz

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