It's an Online Game of Cat and Mouse

Some forecast 2019 will be the year we first experience quantum computing, which has benefits for both hackers and software makers. The bad guys are expected to use more artificial intelligence in attacking our computers.

Tech guru and futurist Peter Shankman says social media breaches have scared a lot of us.

"You see people say 'oh, I'm gonna quit Facebook,' but your information is already out there; quitting Facebook isn't going to make your information go back to being private."

Shankman says the future of security is managing security risks.

"It doesn't matter that information is out there, so much, it matters what companies are doing to keep us safe now that it is."

Shankman says the biggest threat to online security remains the user; artificial intelligence phishing attacks are expected to become the majority and they'll be laser-focused on individual users.

Shankman says he's keeping his eye on Block Chain software. He says its encryption will continue to stymie hackers.

"Block Chain is the underlying software on which BitCoin runs. BitCoin was sort of like the Holland Tulips; it had its moment last year but until we really start coming up with uses for it, it really is more speculative. Block Chain, though, has a lot of potential uses for the future."

Shankman says no anti-virus software can fully protect you from yourself; we've got to be smarter about where we click.

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