Must be my overriding nostalgia at this year end….but got into this conversation with co-worker Scott Crowder about flip… any of you remember that childhood game of flipping baseball cards. As a tomboy, I just naturally wanted to do that with my brother and his friends. Oh, what you’ve missed….you millennials who think flip is a drinking game!

We collected our baseball heroes in packs of bubble gum and then increased our stock if we could win at flip against our friends. But oh what I missed in not keeping track of those cards.

News that a Denver collector is allowing the History Colorado Center to display the Holy Grail of baseball cards for the world to see…’s his 1952 Mickey Mantle…one of only 3 that still exist in the world.

Worth an estimated 10 million dollars. If I ever won a Mickey Mantle in flip….I probably would have traded it for Ken Boyer or Bob Gibson.

Some of you will understand.

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