Trump business impacted negatively by Presidency

The mainstream media loves to talk about how Donald Trump is profiting from his Presidency. But, the exact opposite seems to be true.

In fact, his businesses have been hurt. Golf resorts have lost money. Hotels have been rebranded. Other big companies have cut ties, too. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak tells KTRH the Trump businesses have seen better days.

“There have been clearly business challenges that have occurred because Democrats have gone after him so hard,” Mackowiak explained.

Mackowiak says Trump is being treated differently by the Democrats and by the mainstream media than any other President has been treated before.

“You would think his businesses and family would be off limits,” Mackowiak stated, adding the exact opposite has been true.

In fact, Ivanka Trump's businesses have been hurt as well. For instance, Sak's and Nordstrom's are just two stores that dropped her fashion line.


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