POLL: How do we make New Year’s Resolutions stick?

We make them every year. New Year’s Resolutions. But, especially in Texas, we have trouble sticking to them.

Texas ranks near the bottom when it comes to getting in shape. Boot camp instructor Mark Wanish tells KTRH that you have to change your mindset when it comes to 'resolutions.'

“Most people start the year and say they are going to make resolutions, and as soon as they do that they set goals for themselves that they may not be able to achieve,” Wanish explained.

And when it comes to the way you eat, Wanish says if you want to get healthier and eat healthy, your mindset has to change on that, too.

“What you are talking about is how you are fueling your body instead of thinking about what you can’t put into your body,” Wanish stated.

The other thing Wanish says is stay away from fad diets that are just not sustainable.

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