Bad Christmas Gifts; Gee, Thanks?

Now that the holidays are over you probably got some gifts you don't really like.  Houston etiquette expert Diane Gottsman says clothing tops the list of bad gifts, followed closely by cosmetics:

"I think that there are some 'tried and trues'; like in housewares, you don't want to give a scale to someone if you're going to potentially offend them, unless they asked for it."

Also on the list is decorations and home decor...

"That's just not a great gift to give, and I agree with this list because everybody has personal tastes."

A lot of people say they feel guilty when they give gift cards but Gottsman says people prefer those as long as you personalize them and get them a card to a store they use. Gottsman says you can also take someone to lunch or dinner at their favorite spot, because the personal touch goes a long way.

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