Local HEB cashier pays for customer’s groceries

The spirit of Christmas was definitely going around at the HEB in Lake Jackson.

That’s where Jake Pate, a cashier, was working a few days ago when a woman came up to him, and then realized she didn’t have enough money to cover her grocery bill. So Pate did the unexpected. He took out his credit card, and bought the woman her groceries.

The scene was captured on video and posted to Facebook where it has gotten thousands of views. And for what he did, Pate was awarded a $500 scholarship from the Taylor Whitley SHOW UP scholarship foundation. The young man told our TV partner Channel 2 he just did what he thought was the right thing to do.

“I feel like it’s undeserved attention,” Pate said.

And in a twist, it turns out the woman Pate helped had just helped another person pay for their groceries for Christmas. Talk about paying it forward.

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