PODCAST: Giving makes you feel happier than receiving

While some of you could very well be going to the mall to return the Christmas gift you didn’t like today, there’s a pair of new studies proving it might be better to give than to receive.

Those studies concluded that people who gave felt joy and happiness for a longer period of time than those that just got gifts. Therapist Mary Jo Rapini says this can have an impact on your physical well-being, too.

“Your heart does better. Your blood pressure lowers. There’s incredible science backing this,” Rapini said.

And she also says it's not just about giving a gift, or even money. The gift of your time can also lead you to feel this kind of happiness.

“Those are gifts of your presence,” she stated.

And in case you missed it, a Washington State student that couldn't afford a gift for her teacher gave that teacher the marshmallows from her Lucky Charms, a gift the teacher said meant more than anything else she got for Christmas.

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