Crowd funding proves voters want border security

Democrats don’t want to give President Donald Trump any money for the border wall, but there are plenty of average Americans fed up with the issue that are willing to do just that.

A veteran, Brian Kolfage, started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the wall. He's already raised more than sixteen million dollars.

“People want this wall. The support is there. People are willing to put their money where their mouth is,” Kolfage told Fox Business.

So why won't Democrats play ball on this issue? Political analyst Joe Brettell says that Democrats like Chuck Schumer are afraid of the socialists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and other progressives in the party.

“They are very sure about what they want. They are very loud. They are very determined. I think he fears being on the wrong side of that,” Brettell explained.

That extreme left also decided to take their campaign to crowd funding, but a GoFundMe page for ladders to help illegals can climb the wall has only raised 150 thousand dollars.

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