Thieves Don't Take Holidays

For the time leading up to the holidays, you heard story after story about holiday theft of packages and credit card information.  But now that you have all your new bright shiny stuff, you still have to be vigilant about keeping it.  “The first thing to remember is that thieves don’t take off from work during the holidays,” says Ralph Cammack of Allied Universal Security. He says thieves often scope out houses on trash days to see the empty boxes of what new electronics and toys people got, then check back in a few days to steal it.  “The antidote to that is pretty easy – tear down your boxes and cut them in a few pieces before you put them into your recycling bin.  That way thieves can’t see what they held – even as they are being dumped into the Recycling Truck.

He also says if you like to display gifts under the Christmas tree --- keep the display away from windows or just draw the shades.  Cammack also says, “Keep your place lit up at night - especially if you're going to be away. It’s the number one deterrent of night theft. Flood lights in the yard never hurt anyone.  And use your common sense.” 

Common sense, lighting and a box cutter is all you need!


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