Houston officers hurt in crash

A pair of HPD Officers are in the hospital following a rollover crash which was caused by a suspected drunk driver in Southeast Houston.

This took place after midnight near Telephone Road and Peekskill Lane while the officers were responding to a call.

While they were on that call, another vehicle started turning right in front of their Tahoe nearly causing a head-on collision. Police chief Art Acevedo says the officer driving, John Daily, is seriously injured.

“He’s in for a tough fight. He’s sustained very serious burns. We are asking the community to pray for this officer and his family,” Acevedo stated.

The other officer has been identified as Alonzo Reid. Acevedo also says the injury to this particular officer hits home for him.

“I remember pinning this officer’s badge, and his twin brother’s too,” Acevedo said.

The driver in the car that struck the patrol car was taken into custody and is facing several felony charges, including driving under the influence.

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