Financial Resolutions for 2019

For some of us, it's time to make New Year's resolutions. In addition to losing weight, experts say you should try to save more in 2019.

CNBC's Sharon Epperson says you should split your paycheck into several categories -- not just checking.

"The needs -- that's the checking account; the wants -- that's my discretionary income and that's a savings account and then there's the short-term savings account."

Epperson says one way most of us can save is to limit dining out.

"Think about going out to eat less and think about drinking less out; maybe have that glass of wine and invite people over to share a bottle before you go to a restaurant because you pay so much for every glass."

And Epperson says start saving for vacations now. She says a lot of us spend too much on vacations because we book them at the last minute.

"You don't wanna be paying for your summer vacation come winter time, so start budgeting now for that and start looking at perhaps even booking some things some things you can get great rates on. You can splurge, you just have to be smart about it."

Financial experts say your overall goal in 2019 should be to save 15% of your gross income. For example, if you make five grand a month, put $750 into savings.

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