Chances for a new president in 2019

With two more years of President Trump, Liberal politicians and celebrities are all a twitter of hashtag 25th Amendment.

The chances of impeaching the president are slim to none.

House Democrats and celebrities cite the partial government shutdown, pulling U.S. troops from Syria, the defense secretary's resignation and recent stock-market the time to enact the 25th Amendment.

Houston Political Consultant Chris Carmona said the president’s critics believe come January 3rd, the freshmen class of Congressmen and Senators will be the saviors and get Trump impeached.

He added that's not how the 25th Amendment works.

"In order for them to enact any portion of it, Trump has to be disabled, he has to be found incapacitated, he has remove himself, he could be injured or he could be killed," said Carmona. "One key person they're going to have to have on board with that, would be the Vice President Mike Pence. And, I don't see under any circumstance Mike Pence turning his back on Trump or the Trump Administration," said Carmona.

He dismissed complaints of chaos in the Trump Administration as a campaign promise of "draining the swamp" fulfilled—even if it means members of his own party.

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