Some claim DPS is corrupt

An audit of the Texas Department of Public Safety finds people are getting driver licenses without documents proving residency. But that's just the tip of the iceberg; some even claim there's a "culture of corruption" at DPS.

Austin attorney Ty Clevenger told KXAN TV some troopers are acting erratically, waving guns at drivers.

"My belief is there's a systemic problem top to bottom -- and particularly top -- it seems commanders have allowed this kind of culture to flourish and so I think the legislature needs to get involved."

A federal lawsuit has been filed alleging troopers have taken part in various illegal activities. DPS denies all of this and also says no one has gotten a driver license that wasn't entitled to get one.

Director Steven McCraw says if they do something illegal heads will roll.

"If it's criminal the Texas Rangers will investigate it and we have the Office of Inspector General who reports directly to the commission and she will do an independent investigation; if it's found that there's a violation we will terminate people, period."

Clevenger doesn't trust that process.

"I'm hoping the Texas Legislature, in the upcoming session, will take a hard look at DPS and hold some hearings on this."

Critics say illegals are getting Texas licenses and they use them to get legit licenses in other states.

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