POLL: Does Kissing Under the Mistletoe Count as Cheating?

(YouGov) -- You guys all know that there aren't any actual LAWS when it comes to the mistletoe.  Like, if someone holds one over your head, you won't go to prison if you decide not to kiss them.  You know all that . . . right?

According to a new survey, a surprisingly large number of people think kissing under the mistletoe doesn't count as CHEATING . . . even if kissing someone under any other circumstances would be.

12% of men and 10% of women say it's FINE to kiss someone besides your significant other under the mistletoe . . . but it's not okay in any other situation.

And for whatever reason, the OLDER you get, the more you're okay with the "whatever happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe" philosophy.

Only 6% of people under 24 think mistletoe kissing doesn't count as cheating when other kissing would . . . versus 18% of people over 65. 

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