PHOTOS: 911 Operator Listens in Horror as Mom Kills Teen Daughter

Washington state woman has been charged with killing her 14-year-old daughter as the teen was pleading for help from a 911 operator.

The tragedy occurred Tuesday in the Renton home of Michael Gulizia, the suspect's ex-husband and father of their two children. Gulizia and their daughter, Natalie Gulizia, returned home to find that Natalie's mother had entered the home and tied their 12-year-old son to a chair. Natalie ran upstairs to call 911, but her mother, 52-year-old Svetlana Laurel, followed.

The 911 operator heard a woman's voice say, "you called 911" and "blow your head off" before a shot rang out, police records indicate. She died of a gunshot wound to her head.

"She was just trying to do the right thing,” Renton police Commander Dave Leibman says. "She was trying to get help for the family and for this to happen is just tragic."

Gulizia (left). Laurel (right).

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