Millennials want to give Santa a new look

It’s Christmas Eve. Santa will be coming down the chimney with presents for all the good little girls and boys. That’s the story we always heard growing up. But millennials want to give Kris Kringle a new look.

A new poll says they'd get rid of Santa’s red suit, give him skinny jeans, tats and a hoverboard. Oh, and 28% want to make him gender neutral. Millennial expert Gabrielle Bosche says this is just a bit weird.

“It opens up this really important conversations about how we pass down traditions at this time of year,” Bosche said.

So, if we are going to re-brand him and make him look like Adam Levine from Maroon 5 then what's next??

“Maybe we put him on this vegan, gluten free diet,” Bosche stated.

Because you know, Santa's going to be a lot healthier if millennials have anything to say about it, which thankfully, they don't.

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