Texans set to travel with year-low gas prices

If you haven’t hit the road yet for the Christmas holiday, there’s a good chance you will do just that this weekend. AAA says 112.5 million of us will hit the road in one form or another for the Christmas to New Year’s holiday period. And Daniel Armbruster with AAA-Texas says that includes millions of Texans.

“There will be 9.1 million Texans traveling. That’s about a 4.5% increase from what we saw last year, similar to what the national picture looks like,” Armbruster said.

As for what the roads could look like, you probably saw an uptick in traffic last night, and Armbruster says it will be the same story later this afternoon.

“You can bet it will be very bust tonight, especially for rush hour. Expect a traffic mess,” Armbruster stated.

But while you sit in traffic, there is a bit of good news. Gas is at its lowest price of the year, $2.02 a gallon. That’s five cents cheaper than last week, and fourteen cents less than you paid last Christmas.

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