Top Ten Life Skills Parents Want to Teach Their Kids

A lot of folks have a tough time adulting, even adults. Schools are finding ways to incorporate life skills into the curriculum. Have you FAILED as a parent if your child grows up and the most complicated thing they can make in the kitchen is a bowl of cereal?

A new survey asked parents for the LIFE SKILLS they feel like they have to teach their children.  And here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Basic cooking.

2.  How to have good hygiene.

3.  Driving.

4.  Doing laundry.

5.  Money management.

6.  How to be aware of your surroundings.

7.  Basic housekeeping skills.

8.  Time management.

9.  Reading and comprehension.

10.  How to make healthy food choices. 

(New York Post)

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