Mainstream media trusting ‘Junk News’ now

There’s a new report out that the mainstream media is all over that claims Russian interference politically was done to help the conservative cause and Donald Trump. But that report may be nothing more than ‘Junk News.’

The research, called 'Junk News Consumption' was itself done by a pair of anti-conservative academic types who are pushing the Russian collusion theory. And the mainstream media is eating it up, something U-H political scientist Jacquie Baly says should not surprise you.

“Not at all. If we look at what’s been going on during the Mueller investigation, this is not surprising at all,” Baly stated.

But the mainstream media, like everything else when it comes to the Russia investigation, is heavy on pushing conspiracy theories and light giving you the actual facts.

“So far all of the crimes that have been talked about are conspiracies or financial crimes. There has been nothing about any corroboration with the President,” Baly explained.

So what the mainstream media is giving you with this biased report, as opposed to the economic story or employment numbers, is actually just ‘junk news.’

sean calls out fake news

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