Let’s Resolve Not To Exercise

It’s getting close to the time of year when you have to commit to improving your ways.

What is your top New Year’s Resolution going to be as you embark on 2019?

If you’re like most Texans, you’ll resolve to exercise more.

A website called offers.com asked one-thousand people across the country what bad habit they were looking to improve upon, and no great surprise, in Texas, as in almost everywhere, the number one answer is “Exercise more/lose weight.”

Yeah, that’s what you said last year.  That was also the number one answer last year. How much did you lose?

And number two?  You’re going to save more money, aren’t you?  Did you ever do that in 2018, because that was the number two resolution last year?

Number three was travel.  Did you?

Number four is make new friends, perhaps an indication of how friendly Texas is because it’s number five nationally, behind get a new job.

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