Hurricane Harvey deterred people from moving to Texas

U.S. Census Bureau released the latest set of population estimates and Hurricane Harvey most likely played a role with growth in Texas.

Texas Demographic Center senior demographer Lila Valencia said Texas continues to add the most people to its population than any other state. Since last year, more than 379,000 new people populated Texas.

"We added fewer people last year, than we have since about 2010 and I think what may be causing that is that these data do include some of the Hurricane Harvey estimates of the population," said Valencia.

After the historic storm, she said most likely Houstonians moved to other parts of the state.

"People who may have considered moving to the Houston area from other states, may have made a different choice," said Valencia.

She said for a while now, about half of the growth in the Lone Star State is through births and the other half is from migration from other states or countries.

She said Texas is not the fastest growing state in the country. It comes in at number seven behind Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Washington and Colorado.

The breakouts on location will come out next May. Valencia said historical patterns have shown the biggest growth in a triangle of the largest urban counties, including Harris and the surrounding suburban counties.

The subcategories on ethnicity, age and race will come out next July.

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