How about a House for Christmas?

Freddie Mac says 30-year fixed mortgage rates are their lowest in three months at 4.63%. That's sparked home sales before Christmas here in Houston.

Realtor Mike Weaster of Berkshire-Hathaway says there's more optimism now.

"We have seen home sales increase over the last 30 days, at least the market seems to be a little busier than it was two months ago; we were kind of sitting around doing nothing for a month or so."

Weaster says Millennials, in particular, are keeping a close eye on the economy for 2019.

"I'm selling things and putting things under contract this month, believe it or not that I was shocked I would be able to put under contract by the end of the year."

Weaster says Millennials are enthusiastic about buying houses.

"They're already out there looking and they're looking to see when's a good time to do it and when they see interest rates dip down, yeah, I think they do look a little bit excited about the possibility of home ownership.

Weaster says homebuyers, in general, are optimistic about the economy for 2019. Freddie Mac says the rate is down from 4.94% in November.

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