What’s next in the healthcare debate?

Thanks to a federal judge’s ruling right here in Texas Obamacare has been declared unconstitutional. Now the question is what happens next.

And what happens next according to Rob Henneke with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, is that the legal battle is far from over. Expect liberal California to give Texas a headache.

“The appeal from California and the other liberal states will be filed within a matter of days,” Henneke said.

But if the courts uphold Judge Reed O’Connor’s decision, Henneke says we can finally get healthcare reform that makes sense.

“I don’t expect the solution to come from Washington, but if we get rid of the Affordable Care Act we free up the states to get to work,” Henneke explained.

And as we already say, Governor Abbott is promising to make this a key issue in the legislative session that will start next month.

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