POLL: Wall Street investors have frayed nerves

Considering the wild swings we have seen on the stock market it shouldn’t surprise you to read that there are a lot of people nervous about this economy right now.

New polling shows 33% of you think the economy will get worse next year, with only 28 percent feeling good about things. That's a complete 180 from January. Financial planner Bill Dendy says the nerves are understandable.

“I don’t think people can help but feel concerned. The volatility is definitely there,” Dendy stated.

One thing that could help would be the 'Santa Claus' rally that investors are hoping for to close out the month.

“If the Fed were to come out and say they would not raise rates as quickly, that would be enough for traders to think positively about the market,” Dendy explained.

That kind of rally is necessary if the S&P 500 is going to avoid finishing in the red.

Wall Street Dec. 10 2018

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