Successful People Have Successful Mornings

One of the secrets of highly successful people is to embrace the morning.

Houston Life and Business Coach Allison Goldberg says to  (1) start the day with a plan...and (2)  plan to abstain from checking emails the minute you start. “Many of us wake up to our phone alarms and it’s tempting to just roll over and check email. That’s a sure way to begin your day with stress – almost before the day begins."  

She's also a proponent of (3) rewarding yourself for performing necessary tasks - no matter how simple. “It’s like not getting to drink your specially brewed coffee until you have made your bed. Task leads to reward.”

(4) Avoid interruptions and (5) perform productive tasks like updating your to-do list and clearing off your desk.  A good morning sets a solid foundation for a successful day. 

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