Local gun dealers doing better

Gun sales were off in 2017. But, things are looking a lot better right now for Houston area gun dealers.

Mike Clark at Collector's Firearms wasn't thrilled with his numbers last year. This year, however, is a different story.

“They are going pretty well. We’ve had a big uptick from last year,” Clark said.

Why were sales off last year? Patrick Woods with Spring Guns and Ammo says people didn’t feel pressure to buy guns once President Obama was out of office, replaced by a President in Donald Trump that was more Second Amendment friendly.

“The consumer finds a great comfort in that, which isn’t ideal for the vendors all the time,” Woods explained.

But thanks to tax cuts and a good economy, customers have more cash to spend, and they are spending some of that money on guns again. Of course, they can’t get guns at places like Dick's Sporting Goods anymore. Dick's banned gun sales and that company admits that decision has hurt their bottom line.

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