It could have been a holiday movie….actually it was, on social media…scripted by good feelings and lots of shared memory.

About a dozen of us gathered in Inez at the home of our classmate Debbie….once we were 18 year olds graduating from Hallettsville High. Mumble years ago, as you can see. Just a few of us who were able to steal the time, now grandmothers, great aunts, some widowed, some remarried, some retired, some still working….all with same energy and personality we developed together in youth.

Our game was more sedate than the basketball, track, marching, cheerleading, that we used to do. Appropriately maybe, 5 year old Lorelei won the pot of one-two-three. She was the bonus new friend for us in our Merry Christmas party.

Photos by Shara Fryer.

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