POLL: Get a Flu Shot

The top three reasons people aren't getting flu shots

  • Projected bad side effects
  • They think they'll get the flu from the shot
  • They think it doesn't work.

Are these right? I asked Dr. Joe Galati, KTRH’s medical expert. “NOT REALLY! The only reason you should not get a flu vaccine is if you’re allergic to egg.  The benefits way out-weigh the inconvenience or discomfort. ” Galati says that parents should have all their children vaccinated, they should be vaccinated themselves, and make sure the elderly are also covered. 

CVS says most insurance companies not only cover the shot – but encourage it.  There are businesses who bring a nurse into their offices and have their employees vaccinated. 

Last year's flu season was particularly severe. Galati continues, “People don’t understand this is a potentially fatal disease! Last year alone over 80,000 American died from the flu.  Another 900,000 were hospitalized because of it.”  A flu shot would have prevented those hospital visits and deaths.  It's not too late to get one - they're available almost everywhere.

The flu is no fun and can make you land in the hospital or worse. Give yourself the gift of a healthy 2019.

getting a flu shot

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